Frederik van Eeden

To the Lady Katharine of Belvoir.

A vision of soft mauve and purest white,
in the same dainty-colored garments clad
as worn by pansies on that garden-bed
she loved best, -- and with that timid might,
that shy sweet mien, wherewith the highest-bred
meek humbleness and ancient pride unite,
with eyes which looked as if they many a night
full many tears for human coarseness shed,

through her grand paradise she made me roam,
along deep valleys where the May-sun's rays
shot through the late rains flower-scented haze,
then to the wooded hill's broad crest she went
and in thick walls with her own slender hand
unlocked the doors of her majestic home.

(May, 1898)

Bron: Van de Passielooze Lelie. Verzen door Frederik van Eeden, waarbij zijn opgenomen de "Enkele Verzen", Amsterdam (W. Versluys) 1901, 55.
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