Frederik van Eeden

John Ruskin.

O splendid well of holy bitterness
brimfull with thy dire sorrows and the shame
of this vile age -- thou quenchest rage's flame,
thou sweetenest my own calice of distress.

Couldst thou but yet, ere mortal parting came
my thanks accept, my poor endeavours bless
and take my oath that I shall without blame
thy heavy standard bear and knightly dress.

Alas for wrongs by blinded idlers spent
on thee, their prophet and their truest chief!

Thy great heart overcome, thy great mind bent
by weight of old and unrelenting grief!

Now dost thou die! -- and I who cannot mend!
and my full force that cannot give relief!

(Sept. 1898)

Bron: Van de Passielooze Lelie. Verzen door Frederik van Eeden, waarbij zijn opgenomen de "Enkele Verzen", Amsterdam (W. Versluys) 1901, 56.
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