Frederik van Eeden

To an Indian Friend.

Friend, whom to love came sooner than to know,
thou willst not wonder at this sudden strain.
Long have I longed and looked for thee, although
mine is the greater share of years and pain.

Thy words I knew, but never heard them flow
from lips pure as the wisdom they contain.
Thou seemed at last to be what I should fain
have wished to be, if God had willed it so.

Whilst struggling hard along unsteady line
thou wert to me in doubtful moment sent.

On lofty course toward our eternal end
keep straight then, for Gods sake, if not for mine

That men may fix their wavering belief
in triumph over sin and death and grief.

(Aug. 1900)

Bron: Van de Passielooze Lelie. Verzen door Frederik van Eeden, waarbij zijn opgenomen de "Enkele Verzen", Amsterdam (W. Versluys) 1901, 57.
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