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2014 Conference: Registration

Registration procedure

The registration is carried out via ConfTool. In order to proceed, please log in to your account and select “Register as participant” from the list of options. This opens up a form which needs to be filled out completely. Please note that participation is not guaranteed until payment in full of the conference fee. There are two payment possibilities: bank transfer (within EU) and PayPal (both within and outside EU). The form will provide instructions for each of these methods. The final deadline for payment is 15 May 2014 (for early birds and other discounts see below).

Conference Fees

The conference fee is determined by three parameters: conference participation (full/partial), time discount (early bird/regular) and student discount (student/regular). Full participation provides access to all conference days; partial participation provides access to a maximum of two days. The early bird time discount ends on the 3rd of April 2014. Student discounts apply for Bachelor, Master and PhD students. In order to benefit from these discounts, please provide the required student information in the indicated field.

Accordingly, the conference fees will be:

Early fee, student, full participation: 175 EUR
Early fee, student, partial participation: 125 EUR
Early fee, regular, full participation: 350 EUR
Early fee, regular, partial participation: 250 EUR
Standard fee, student, full participation: 275 EUR
Standard fee, student, partial participation: 175 EUR
Standard fee, regular, full participation: 450 EUR
Standard fee, regular, partial participation: 350 EUR