TRAC 2008 Amsterdam

18th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th April 2008
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Latest news on programme, venue and registration can be downloaded here

[30 March 2008]

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TRAC 2008 Organising Committee
Mark Driessen, Stijn Heeren, Joep Hendriks, Fleur Kemmers, Ronald Visser

TRAC 2009 - The nineteenth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference

Due to the Roman Archaeology Conference being held in America, the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference will be running alone in the UK in 2009. We are therefore currently looking for a venue for TRAC. The conference is usually held in a university archaeology or classics department in the UK but we are also willing to consider the possibility of other arrangements (museums etc.).

The organisation of TRAC is typically carried out by a group of volunteer postgraduate students (though occasionally with more senior help involved). If you and a likeminded group wish to bring TRAC to your institution for 2009, please get in touch with the TRAC Standing Committee at the address shown below. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the conference and the practicalities of running one.

The final decision on the venue will be by means of an open vote at the AGM at TRAC 2008 in Amsterdam. Hopeful 'bids' should attend this meeting and be prepared to give a short presentation extolling the merits of their proposed venue.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Ben Croxford
on behalf of the TRAC Standing Committee