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David Cram & Jaap Maat. George Dalgarno on Universal Language: The Art of Signs (1661), The Deaf and Dumb Man's Tutor (1680), and the Unpublished Papers. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.

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Jaap Maat. Philosophical Languages in the Seventeenth Century: Dalgarno, Wilkins, Leibniz. New Synthese Historical Library, Volume 54. Dordrecht etc.: Kluwer, 2004.

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Rens Bod, Jaap Maat, Thijs Weststeijn (eds.). The Making of the Humanities. Volume 1- Early Modern Europe. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2010.

Rens Bod, Jaap Maat, Thijs Weststeijn (eds.). The Making of the Humanities. Volume 2- From Early modern to Modern Disciplines. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2012.

Rens Bod, Jaap Maat, Thijs Weststeijn (eds.). The Making of the Humanities. Volume 3- The Modern Humanities. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2014.

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Forthcoming, in press:

David Cram & Jaap Maat. John Wallis: Teaching Language to a Boy Born Deaf. The Popham Notebook and Associated Texts. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.

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In preparation:

Leibniz on Rational Grammar. English translation of Latin texts by Leibniz, with introduction and commentary.

Logic in The Seventeenth Century.
Volume containing commissioned articles on 17th-century logic and science.
(with David Cram)


Articles and chapters:

(in press). "Linguistic Justice requires an Artificial Language: a Comment on Van Parijs". Acta Universitatis Sapientiae. European and Regional Studies, 9 (1).

J. Maat & D.F. Cram (in press). Universal Language Schemes. In L.R. Waugh & J.E. Joseph (Eds.), The Cambridge History of Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

(in press). G.W. Leibniz. In: An Introduction to the History of Philosophical and Formal Logic. Bloomsbury.

R. Bod, J. Kursell, J. Maat & M.A. Weststeijn. "A New Field: History of Humanities". History of Humanities, 1 (1), 1-8 2016.

"Natural languages and artificial language: Leibniz's rational grammar as the link between the two". Studia Leibnitiana, Supplement(38), 43-54, 2014.

Teaching language to a boy born deaf in the seventeenth century: the Holder-Wallis debate. History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences, 6 November, 2013.

"Semantical Investigations". In M.D. Aloni, M. Franke & F. Roelofsen (Eds.), The dynamic, inquisitive, and visionary life of ?, ??, and ◊? -- A festschrift for Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof, and Frank Veltman (pp. 164-166), 2013.

"General or universal grammar from Aristotle to Chomsky", In K. Allan (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the History of Linguistics (pp. 397-417). Oxford: Oxford University Press., 2013.

"Language and Semiotics". In: Desmond M. Clarke and Catherine Wilson (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy in Early Modern Europe, Oxford University Press, 2011. Chapter 13, pp. 272-294.

"The artes sermocinales in times of adversity: how logic, grammar and rhetoric survived the seventeenth century" In: Bod, Maat and Weststeijn, The Making of the Humanities I, 2010, pp. 283-295.

"Dalgarno and Leibniz on the Particles". Language and History, Vol. 52 No. 2, 2009, 160-170.

"The Status of Logic in the Seventeenth Century". In: Benedikt Löwe, Volker Peckhaus, Thoralf Räsch (eds.), The History of the Concept of the Formal Sciences. Papers of the conference "Foundations of the Formal Sciences IV" held in Bonn, February 14th to 17th, 2003, pp. 157-168. London: College Publications, 2006.

“Leibniz’s texts on rational grammar”. In: Haßler, Gerda and Gesina Volkmann (eds.), History of Linguistics in Texts and Concepts, Vol. II, 517-526, Münster: Nodus, 2004.

(With David Cram). "The Search for the Perfect Language: Lingua Adamica in the Context of Seventeenth-century Universal Language Schemes". in: Musarra, Franco, Bart Van den Bossche, Koenraad Du Pont, Natalie Dupré, Rosario Gennaro, Serge Vanvolsem (eds.), Eco in Fabula, Leuven/Firenze: Leuven University Press/Franco Cesati, 2002, p. 137-148.

(With David Cram). "Universal Language Schemes in the Seventeenth Century", in: Auroux, S., Koerner K., Niederehe H-J., Versteegh, K. (eds.), History of the Language Sciences: An International Handbook on the Evolution of the Study of Language from the Beginnings to the Present. Berlin-New York: de Gruyter, 2000, p. 1030-1043.



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