Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (AJCN)

Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (AJCN)


AUTUMN 2012/

Narratological Concepts across Languages and Cultures.


John Pier: Foreword (sections I-V)

I. Toward a reconfiguration of narrative concepts

Beatriz Penas-Ibáñez: Emergent Narratological Explanatory Frames: From (Non)Naturalness to (Non)Standardness (the Case of Haiku-like Narratives)

Bohumil Fořt: Literary Narratives as Constituents of Political Worlds: The Case of Milan Kundera

Ludmila Comuzzi: Lyric Poetry as a Narrative Speech Genre: On the Dialogue Between Genre Theory and Cognitive Science

Joshua Parker: Conceptions of Place, Space and Narrative: Past, Present and Future

II. Paratext, metalepsis, caesura

Virginia Pignagnoli: Paratextual Interferences: Patterns and Reconfigurations for Literary Narrative in the Digital Age

Saartje Gobyn: Textual Effects of Metalepsis

Michał Mrugalski: The Spectacle of Interruption: Toward an Interruption Theory of Narrative according to Hölderlin’s Theory of Tragedy

III. Narrative and film

Inna Drach: The Difference between Cinematic and Montage Novels and the Nature of Literary Montage

James V. Catano: Narrative Voice/over in the Essay Film

IV. Narrative perspectives on music

Christian Hauer: The Contribution of Musical Narratology to Contemporary Narratology. On Monika Fludernik’s Concept of "Experientiality”

Karl Katschthaler: What is autobiographical authenticity in music? The question of the “secret vocal part” in Alban Berg’s Lyric Suite revisited from a narratological perspective

Knut Holtsträter: “So pocht das Schicksal an die Pforte”. Some Remarks on Narrativity in Music

V. Translating narrative theory

Sylvie Patron: Translating S.-Y. Kuroda: Past and Present

Iwamatsu Masahiro: Problems in Trans(p)la(n)ting Literary Theory into Japanese

Bahar Dervișcemaloğlu: The Problem of Translating Narratological Terminology into Turkish

VI. Narratological Miscellanea

Nathalie Weidenfeld: Beyond the spectre of postclassical cinema: Understanding the dynamics of Narration in Film

Roy Benjamin: On Not Reading for the Plot in ‘Finnegans Wake’

Thorn R. Kray: Narrative, Emotion, and Cultural Meaning: Their Connection from the Perspective of Cultural Sociology, With Special Regards to Fiction

Tracey Taylor: From the Many to the Few: Character and Social Ethics in the Foundling Museum

Elana Gomel: The Darkness Within. Narrative Space and the Challenge of Utopia

Katharine Young: Uneasy Objects. The Film Body in Mona Hatoum’s ‘Measures of Distance’

Review article

Igor Pilshchikov: From Formalism to Structuralism and Beyond. (Metatheoretical Meditations)