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A workshop was held in the Netherlands Institute, Athens, 7-10 February 2004 under the title "The Cultivation of Culture", and gravitating around aspects of "Phase A" nationalism (Miroslav Hroch's phrase) in South-Eastern Europe.

The members of the Amsterdam Balkan Group were present, as were Professor Raymond Detrez of the University of Gent, Professor Katja Sturm-Schnabl of the University of Vienna, and Dr. Ivana Zivancevic Sekerus of the University of Novi Sad. Professor Miroslav Hroch of the Charles University, Prague, was prevented from attending in person, but contributed his paper in written form.

The Balkan Project wishes to thank the Netherlands Institute Athens for their kind collaboration in hosting this event, in particular Dr. Van Wijngaarden and Dr. Ledeboer.

Papers presented can be read on this website by clicking the links below. They can be read as web pages within your browser, except for Marjolijne Janssen's paper which is posted as a PDF file, requiring Acrobat Reader. If your browser blocks javascript, you may not be able to see the footnote-popups in some of the papers; in that case, set your browser to allow javascript.

When citing or making use of the material presented here, please credit by citing the author's name and the paper's title, as well as this website: http://cf.hum.uva.nl/natlearn


1.             Joep Leerssen's introduction

2.             Miroslav Hroch's comparative survey of factors affecting national movements in the Habsburg and Ottoman empires

3.             Raymond Detrez on the Bulgarian national movement in the light of Hroch's analysis

4.             Katja Sturm-Schnabl on Franz Miklosich (*)

5.             Marjolijne Janssen on "Logios Hermis" -- PDF file (200 kB), requires Acrobat Reader

6.             André Kom on the 19th-century Romanian myth of Michael the Brave

7.             Ingrid Merchiers on Kopitar (*)

8.             Janette Sampimon on the role of history-writing in Bulgarian national consciousness (*)

9.             Roel Schuyt on Albanians and Vlachs (*)

(*) The footnoting in these web pages uses javascript