Cultural nationalism in the Balkans during the nineteenth century:

Scholarly and intellectual institutions and networks in a multi-ethnic region

This project has received from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and will be running fom 2001 to 2006. Four doctoral researchers and one postdoc-coördinator will be involved, as well as senior staff from the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Humanities and an international steering committee.The main coordinator is J.Th. Leerssen.

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For working papers from the Athens workshop, click any of the links below:

              Joep Leerssen's introduction

              Miroslav Hroch's comparative survey of factors affecting national movements in the Habsburg and Ottoman empires

              Raymond Detrez on the Bulgarian national movement in the light of Hroch's analysis

              Katja Sturm-Schnabl on Franz Miklosich (*)

              Marjolijne Janssen on "Logios Hermis" -- PDF file (200 kB), requires Acrobat Reader)

              André Kom on the 19th-century Romanian myth of Michael the Brave

              Ingrid Merchiers on Kopitar

              Janette Sampimon on the role of history-writing in Bulgarian national consciousness (*)

              Roel Schuyt on Albanians and Vlachs (*)

(*) the footnoting in these web pages uses javascript.