Netherlandish Books (NB)


Netherlandish Books (NB). Books published in the Low Countries and Dutch books printed abroad before 1601. Edited by Andrew Pettegree and Malcolm Walsby. Leiden 2011.


"Netherlandish Books offers a unique overview of what was printed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the Low Countries. This bibliography lists descriptions of over 32,000 editions together with bibliographical references, an introduction and indexes. It draws on the analysis of collections situated in libraries throughout the world. This is the first time that all the books published in the various territories that formed the Low Countries are presented together in a single bibliography. Netherlandish Books is an invaluable research tool for all students and scholars interested in the history, culture and literature of the Low Countries, as well as historians of the early modern book world."


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Nationale bibliografieŽn, Middeleeuwen - Renaissance (-1670)



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